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Water Masterz started in late 2020. Founded by Jason Hollow, it’s a place where readers can learn everything they need to know about home water treatment.

We’re planning to grow the site from a small blog to a large, well-known, and popular entity in the industry within the next few years. The focus: Providing buying advice for home water treatment equipment as well as tips & tricks for everything related to purifying, softening, heating, cooling, and storing the water in your home.

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Meet the Water Masterz Team

Jason Hollow (Research & Content Creation)

Jason Hollow

Jason is the founder of Water Masterz and head of content creation. Most importantly, he browses the market for new and exciting products and thoroughly reviews the most promising candidates.

Having worked as an engineer in the industry for almost six years, Jason has tremendous knowledge and first-hand experience on all things related to water treatment. His credo: Not a single American should have to drink unhealthy water at home.

When Jason isn’t researching or writing for Water Masterz, he enjoys cycling, walking his dog Cera, and watching Mindhunter on Netflix.

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Eike (the Tech Geek)


Communicating in “1s” and “0s”, Eike is a real tech geek and takes care of the technical side of things here at matermasterz.com. His goal is to makes sure that people visiting our website have the most pleasant stay.

Fast site speed and zero bugs – Eike might not be 7 ft. tall but he’s our very own German Wunderkind.

Eike loves to travel which is how he met Jason: On his trip to Iceland.

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Lisa Keller (Contributing Writer)

Lisa Keller

Lisa is a dear friend of Jason’s. She has been in the digital marketing space for almost two decades. Combined with her passion for healthy living she was predestined to join the Water Masterz team as a contributing writer. And, as Jason puts it, Lisa’s ideas and suggestions are a gold mine.

Her favorite things outside her professional life are meeting new people, learning new things, and yoga.

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Everyone loves Jason’s labradoodle Cera (look at those eyes, sooooo cuuuuute!!!). She’s the good soul of the team and cheers you up if your spirits are low.

Cera also loves to work out so in case you’re looking for a training partner…

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If you are a business interested to collaborate, send us a message. We are always open to discussing new partnerships like advertising opportunities for companies and brands that want to expand their reach.

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For general enquiries, you can email us at support@watermasterz.com or use our contact form.

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Summary of Our Product Review Process: How We Work


All content published on Water Masterz is created with the greatest attention to detail. Our presentation of products and services provided in that context always reflects our personal opinion which is one hundred percent honest and unbiased – even though relationships exist between us and the companies behind said products and services. If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a commission, but we never receive any compensation for the content of our recommendations.

Like any other business we have to make a profit in order to thrive. However, this does not mean that we would ever recommend or promote something we are not convinced of. Neither would we ever favor a product or service simply because it offers the highest commission rate in case of a successful sale. All our buyer’s guides feature a selection of the best products currently on the market.

We strive to find a good balance between providing you, the reader, with the best user experience and value while still being able to pay our bills.

The Review Process

1. Defining Product Criteria

Although really important, price is only one part of the equation. There are other criteria that need to be defined before you can start comparing different products to one another.

For example, drinking water filters must be able to effectively remove all the different types of contaminants commonly found in our water supplies these days. This ensures that the filtered water not only tastes great but is also healthy to drink. Other criteria to pay attention to may include filter capacity, water flow rate, ease of installation, and product warranties.

2. Researching the Best Products

After defining the key product criteria, we start to put together a list of products, usually between 5 and 10, that fall under a given category such as whole house water filters, countertop reverse osmosis systems, water filter pitchers, or water softeners for well water.

For our market research, we rely on popular marketplaces like Amazon, small ecommerce stores operated by brands and manufacturers, forums, etc.

In order to get a complete picture of every single product, we thoroughly check their descriptions, manuals, and customer ratings and reviews.

3. Content Creation

Now it’s time to do the actual writing. For each product, we try to define a use case, work out the pros and cons, list common user complaints, and give our final verdict.