Aquasana SimplySoft Salt-Free Water Softener Review 2023

Author: Rory Mullan - Published: 2021/07/12 - Updated: 2023/01/05

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This product review features the Aquasana SimplySoft salt-free water softener.

Unlike traditional water softeners, the Aquasana SimplySoft salt-free softening system does not soften water, much rather, it conditions it. It’s an ideal option for those who don’t want to strip their water of essential minerals like calcium and magnesium, and don’t want that added sodium dose.

The Aquasana SimplySoft is essentially a whole house water conditioner that uses a dual tank design to treat water without using harsh chemicals or salt.

Unfortunately, salt-free softeners have a few limitations. Neither are they equipped to treat very hard water nor do they work effectively with all pH levels.

Let’s get straight to the crux of the matter. Does the system live up to Aquasana’s name? Do we think it works as claimed or the term “salt-free” is just a marketing gimmick to lure planet-loving people suffering from hard water damage? You’ll find out.

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Aquasana SimplySoft Salt-Free Water Softener Review – Main Specs

Aquasana SimplySoft Salt-Free Whole House Water Softener


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  • For tap water and well water
  • Water softener type: Salt-free (SCM)
  • Capacity: 6 years or 600,000 gallons
  • Water flow: 7 gallons per minute
  • Brine tank: W 18″ x H 33″
  • Operating pressure: 20 to 100 psi
  • System dimensions: 27 x 46 x 9 inches


At the beginning of our Aquasana SimplySoft review, a few highlights:

99.6% Less Limescale

The Aquasana SimplySoft salt-free water softener solves your hard water scaling problem for good.

No Salt, No Chemicals

Thereby it doesn’t require salt or chemicals to operate. Add no regeneration on top and you get a system that’s environmentally-friendly and resource-saving.

Suited for Very Hard Water

Up to 15 grains per gallon hardness is ideal; up to 25 gpg are doable.[1]

Little Maintenance

Expect for replacing the sediment pre-filter cartridge, there’s nothing you need to do. The salt-free technology saves you from lifting those 40-pound salt bags.

3-Month Satisfaction Guarantee

The SimplySoft has no effect on your water? No problem, just give it back for a refund.


  • The Aquasana SimplySoft uses the Scale Control Media (SCM) technology that eliminates the need to use salt or harsh chemicals. Thus, the system is highly eco-friendly as it wastes no water and does not leach harsh chemicals/salt into the drainage.
  • The system removes up to 99.6% of scale buildup[2], hence protecting the plumbing all over your house. It works by altering the structure of hardness-causing minerals, which prevents them from depositing in the pipelines.
  • We love that all essential minerals in your water remain intact, making it wholesome and nutritious.
  • The efficient unit can treat around seven gallons of water per minute. Therefore, you won’t face a drop in water pressure around the house, unless you have more than 3 bathrooms.
  • Additionally, the sediment pre-filter traps dirt and debris down to 5 microns. Not only does it prevent subsequent stages from clogging, but it also filters out unwanted particles.
  • Even though most salt-free softeners are not suitable for very hard water, the Aquasana SimplySoft can treat water having 25 gpg of hardness. Keep in mind that anything over 10.51 gpg is already very hard water. Luckily, many of us are not dealing with these extreme levels.
  • Of course, water treated by the conditioner is not necessarily suitable for drinking or cooking. Fortunately, you can use the unit in conjunction with Aquasana Rhino whole house filtration systems. When working together, the system filters your water from harmful chemicals including chlorine and chloramine.
  • You save money since you don’t need to refill the tank with salt, nor does it use electricity. Additionally, you no longer have to lug around heavy bags of salt. Win-win.
  • The dual tank system ensures thorough and prolonged contact with water. Thus, higher effectiveness.
  • The media lasts almost six years, depending on your water quality.
  • Aquasana proudly offers a three-month money-back guarantee on your purchase. Moreover, the customer service is also outstanding with helpful, trained and friendly staff. So, in case you find out the SimplySoft is not suitable for your needs, you can ask for a full refund.
  • Finally, you get a 6-year limited warranty that shows Aquasana is quite confident about the sturdiness and effectiveness of the unit.


  • While we mentioned that the Aquasana SimplySoft water softener features a six-year warranty, it’s subject to installation by a licensed plumber. Also, since the system is not exactly cheap to begin with, we are not fans of added expenditure on setup.
  • The unit won’t function with very hard water and has no certifications.
  • Some people commented that changing the pre-filter is messy and complicated.


As mentioned earlier, unless you want to void your 6-year warranty, you must hire a licensed plumber to install the Aquasana SimplySoft.

If you are the daring kind (or maybe love plumbing too much), you can attempt to fit the system yourself. It won’t take you more than one afternoon if you have basic know-how of plumbing around your house and don’t mind cutting up a few water pipes.

Begin by selecting a place for your system. Keep in mind; it should be fitted where water enters your house, be sheltered from direct sunlight, and protected from extreme temperatures.

Here’s what to do next.

  1. First, you need to flush the system using a garden hose. You can flush it in an open space so the water can easily drain.
  2. Using the adapter, connect a garden hose to the inlet side and turn on the water supply. Let the filters flush for ten minutes. This is essential to break down loose filter media in the tank.
  3. Place the water softener in an upright position on level ground and turn off the main water supply to begin setup.
  4. Connect the system to your waterline.
  5. Don’t overtighten, or the fittings might break.
  6. Turn on the water supply and flush the unit once again for ten minutes.
  7. Check for leakages and ensure all parts are securely fastened.
  8. Flush the system before using the water.

Link to the owner’s manual.


The Aquasana SimplySoft system requires little to no maintenance. The sturdy dual tank setup can last up to six years. Yes, the sediment pre-filter needs to be replaced every two months. Simply twist off the housing cap and replace the filter.

The pre-filter costs $60 per year and can be purchased in a set of 4. Partake in the program Water For Life for further discounts on filters.

What’s Included

Here are the contents of the package.

  • The dual tank descaling unit
  • Pre-filter housing with mounting bracket
  • Sediment filters (pack of 4)
  • Filter wrench
  • Shut-off valve
  • Hose adaptor, unions, nipples

Aquasana SimplySoft Review – Conclusion & Best For

The final verdict? We love that the salt-free system is entirely eco-friendly and wastes no energy or resources. But is it better than traditional water softeners? Not really. In reality, we are not sold on the upfront price tag plus installation charges either.

If you are only looking to get rid of scale buildup in pipelines and avoid the slimy water feeling during the shower, by all means, go ahead. Just keep in mind that the Aquasana SimplySoft is best for changing the chemical makeup of hard minerals rather than eliminating them. So if you don’t mind the costs…

If you have questions about our Aquasana water softener review please leave a comment below!

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