Clearly Filtered Water Bottles Review: Stainless Steel, Tritan, Glass?

Author: Rory Mullan - Published: 2021/06/22 - Updated: 2023/01/05

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This product review features Clearly Filtered Water Bottles.

Clearly Filtered is known for engineering the highest performing water filtration systems on the market.

So when we found out about their collection of water bottles that filter water on the go, we were naturally intrigued. If you’re also curious about their bottle selection, you’re in for a treat.

Here is everything you need to know about the stainless steel, tritan, and glass filter bottles by Clearly Filtered.

Clearly Filtered Water Bottles – Main Specs

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Clearly Filtered Insulated Stainless Steel Filtered Water Bottle

Stainless Steel Bottle


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Clearly Filtered Tritan Filtered Water Bottle

Tritan Bottle


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Clearly Filtered Glass Filtered Water Bottle

Glass Bottle


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  • Water holding capacity and material depends on which filter bottle you choose
    • Insulated stainless steel bottle: 20 oz
    • Tritan bottle: 24 oz
    • Borosilicate glass bottle: 20 oz
  • Filter life: 25 gallons
  • NSF: 42, 53, 401


At the beginning of our Clearly Filtered water bottle review, a few highlights:

Most Effective Contaminant Removal

Clearly Filtered’s Affinity Filtration Technology is hyper-sophisticated. It’s tested to official NSF standards to remove 200+ water contaminants providing safe drinking water.

Pristine Water Taste

The filtered drinking water has a pristine taste.

Small Size

All three filter bottles provide a good balance between water storage capacity and small size for portability.

High Quality Materials

Only high quality materials are used in the manufacturing: Stainless steel, tritan plastic, and borosilicate glass. No substances will leach into your drinking water.

Money-Back Guarantee & Warranty

Clearly Filtered backs all products with a 30-day money-back guarantee plus a lifetime product warranty.


  • The filtered water bottles by Clearly Filtered provide you with clean and pure water, no matter where you are. They are a combination of the best materials with an inbuilt filter, handy enough to go anywhere with you.
  • The insulated stainless steel bottle comes in five color options and its double-wall insulation keeps water hot/cold for 24 hours.
  • Each bottle is equipped with the revolutionary Affinity Filtration Technology. As you sip water through the straw, it passes through a state-of-the-art water filter removing more than two hundred harmful chemicals[1]. Simple yet brilliant!
  • Here are a few of the harmful contaminants that the innovative filter can remove from your tap water. The following data was corroborated through a third-party laboratory test and has been certified by NSF: Fluoride – 99.9%, Lead – 99.3%, Chlorine and Chloramine[2] – 99.5%, Pesticides and Herbicides more than 95%, Mercury – 99.9%, VOCs – 99.9 %
  • Given the filtration process outlined above, you will feel a significant change in the taste of your water since the water filter removes all impurities.
  • Small size makes the filter water bottles ideal for those who regularly go hiking and backpacking to unfamiliar places where they might not have access to clean water. They’re also great if you’re planning to travel abroad and you’re unsure about the quality of water.
  • Each of the filtered water bottles are crafted using premium quality materials. They are 100% BPA, BPS, and phthalate-free.
  • Money-back guarantee: If the bottle doesn’t meet your requirements or is faulty, you can request a full refund within 30 days.
  • Clearly Filtered prides itself on the fact that all of its bottles come with a lifetime warranty. So your purchases are secure and risk-free.
  • All bottles are built in the USA.


  • The filter system is designed to eliminate known pathogens in tap water. So, if you’re camping or hiking and need to filter water from a spring or lake, a Clearly Filtered bottle won’t be able to serve the purpose.
  • You need to suck a little harder on the straw for the system to work. It’s similar to sucking a thick milkshake, not plain water. Moreover, you can’t just pour the water into a glass since it won’t be filtered.
  • Expensive: Priced at $50 a pop, the bottles may seem very costly to some customers. However, if you compare the cost saved through eliminating bottled water, it amounts to significant savings.


Replacement Filters

Your CF bottles are a lifetime investment unless they break or get lost. Nevertheless, you need to replace the filter after 160 total uses.

Roughly that amounts to six months of regular usage, or 25 gallons total filtered. But, of course, it also depends on the water quality. The more contaminated the water is, the quicker you will need a replacement. An excellent indicator to replace the water filter will be when it gets more difficult to suck out the water from the straw.

Each replacement filter costs $25 apiece. Thankfully you can avail a 10% discount when you subscribe to the cartridges.


At the end of the day, remove the mouthpiece and straw from the bottle. Next, you need to hand wash each piece using warm soapy water and preferably a bottle brush. Finally, let it air dry.

Additionally, the tritan and the borosilicate glass bottles can be washed in the dishwasher. Note that the mouthpiece and straw must be removed and washed by hand in all cases.

It’s also important to remember that you must remove the filter cartridge since it does not need to be washed.

What’s Included

  • Bottle
  • Straw + mouthpiece
  • Replaceable filter cartridge

Clearly Filtered Water Bottle Review – Conclusion & Best For

Clearly Filtered filter water bottles are an eco-friendly and inexpensive substitute for disposable bottled water or plastic bottles. Single-use plastic is a threat to humanity and has been polluting our planet since its inception. Moreover, plastic bottles absorb odor and leach different chemicals in your water over time, especially when exposed to heat. Therefore, it’s an intelligent decision to reduce your carbon footprint and take environmentally sound actions.

These bottles might seem like an added expense at first thought. However, they can save you considerable money in the long run and provide you with unmatched convenience.

They are lightweight, cute-looking, and best for travel, work, or gym. Our only grievance would be to see a bigger version that can hold more water. But, all in all, the money-back guarantee and rave reviews are enough to develop our trust in the brand.

If you have questions about our Clearly Filtered water bottle review please leave a comment below!

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