GE GXSF30V 30,000-Grain Water Softener Review – Read First!

Author: Rory Mullan - Published: 2021/08/11 - Updated: 2023/01/05

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This product review features the GE GXSF30V 30,000-grain water softener.

As the GXSF30V is GE’s smallest water softener system, one might overlook its features, but guess what? It can remove 95 grains of hardness per gallon at a flow rate of 7.5 gpm, which makes it an impeccable water softening system.

So, if you live in a small household with a family of two or three people, the GXSF30V might suit you just right.

Let’s find out more about the features of this water softener!

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GE GXSG30V Review – Main Specs

GE GXSF30V 30,000-Grain Water Softener


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  • For tap water and well water
  • Water softener type: Salt
  • Grain capacity: 30,400
  • Flow rate: 7.5 gpm (1-2 bathrooms)
  • Dimensions: 14” x 43” x 22” (W x D x H), 200 lbs salt storage capacity
  • Water pressure: 20 to 125 psi
  • NSF: 44


At the beginning of our GE GXSG30V review, a few highlights:

For All Hard Water Levels

The GE GXSF30V water softener can handle as much as 95 grains per gallon hardness, so basically any hard water level.

Smart Technology

The system tracks and monitors when and how much water you use on any given day. Based on this information, the water softener always regenerates on time so you never run out of soft water.

Saving Water and Salt

Regeneration cycles initiated on demand save water and salt during backwashing and rinsing.

Up to 8 ppm Ferrous Iron

Up to 8 parts per million ferrous iron can be removed by the unit.


  • While most homeowners only struggle with up to around 15 hardness grain per gallon (gpg), levels like 20 gpg and more is relatively uncommon. The GE water softener, however, can handle both efficiently.
  • The system is also adequate for clear water iron concentrations of up to 8 ppm. Nevertheless, the process won’t affect colloidal iron, red-water iron, or iron bacteria which is another plus.
  • The GE GXSF30V only consumes as much water and salt as is necessary for optimal resin recharge while regenerating, making it a demand-driven softening system. Therefore, it’s an economical and environment-friendly option.
  • SmartSoft technology is another prime feature that allows the system to learn your water usage patterns within the first few months of use. Your soft water supply is never depleted since the system predicts your future needs.
  • If you plan to drink the water, you should know that the GXSF30V system is certified to NSF Standard 44 for hardness eradication and CSA Standard B483.1 for antimicrobial protection.
  • All parts that fail due to workmanship or material defects are covered by a one-year (limited) warranty. Also, the tank comes with a ten-year warranty, whereas the control head has a warranty of three years.


  • Some people face difficulties following the installation instructions for the GE GXSF30V.
  • Improper regeneration, leaks, and entire system failures (owing to a broken main control board) were some problems reported by a few customers using the GXSF30V.


Fortunately, installing this water softener system is pretty straightforward. Most customers report that it takes around 45 minutes.

That means you can DIY the installation easily. All you need to do is locate the most suitable place to install your new water softening system and consider a few other things.

For instance, you must keep in mind that the warranty coverage is void for damage caused by freezing or direct sunlight. Therefore, GE suggests installing the GXSF30V inside.

Also, make sure you install the system at the main water line of your home. This way, all the water becomes soft before its distribution throughout the house.

Lastly, ensure there are a suitable drain and an electric socket nearby.

Once you’ve considered the above points, follow the step-by-step instructions below and check the manual.

Installation difficulty: Easy

Installation time: 45 minutes to 1 hour


  1. Turn off the main water supply.
  2. To drain the remaining water, open all taps.
  3. Install the elbow and overflow grommet at the back of the brine tank.
  4. Remove the cover on the top of the unit.
  5. Check for debris in the bypass valve inlet and outlet ports by removing the clips. Also, inspect that the turbine rotates without difficulty.
  6. Apply silicone grease on O-rings.
  7. The bypass valve should be pushed as far into the softener valve as possible, secured with two holding clips.
  8. Place the water softener in the preferred location.
  9. Attach the inlet and outlet port of the bypass valve to the main water line.
  10. Cover all external pipe threads with Teflon tape but be cautious not to cross-thread when connecting pipes to plastic fittings.
  11. Insert the elbow  of the drain port into the port of valve drain and use a clip to keep everything together.
  12. To install the valve drain, join the ⅜-inch line to the valve drain and use a hose clamp to secure the hose.
  13. Direct the hose to a suitable drain and secure it.
  14. To install the brine tank overflow, connect the ⅜-inch drain line to the brine tank overflow elbow and secure it with a hose clamp.
  15. Direct the hose towards the drain.
  16. Turn on any two cold soft water taps nearby.
  17. Put the water softener into the bypass and slowly turn on the main water supply.
  18. Once the flow gets steady, you can proceed.
  19. Put the bypass valve in the service position.
  20. Wait for a few minutes, then open a hot water tap to release any remaining air and close it.
  21. Now, turn off all the cold soft water taps and look for leaks.
  22. Add 3 gallons of water and some salt to the brine tank.
  23. Connect the system to an electric supply.
  24. Now replace the top cover and the salt cover.
  25. Finally, sanitize the entire system, and you’re good to go.


Initially, you’ll need to set up the hardness level in gpg, time of the day, reg time, and how much salt you’ve added to the brine tank.

For maintenance, you can monitor the display periodically. This will give you an idea of how much salt is left in the tank. The audible alarm or the light will serve as reminders.

Additionally, you can choose optional features such as salt efficiency, but it is not compulsory, and you can activate it later on.

What’s Included

Here’s what you’ll find in the package:

  • Bypass valve
  • Resin and brine tank
  • Drain hose pipe
  • Standard mesh resin
  • Installation kit
  • Silicone grease
  • Grommet
  • Clips
  • Drain saddle
  • Adaptor elbow

GE 30,000-Grain Water Softener Review – Conclusion & Best For

The GE GXSF30V may not be the best product out there, but it does a reasonably decent job of providing soft water for small or mid-sized homes.

Also, the water softener is pretty easy to install, comes with a one-year warranty and an affordable price rate.

If you have questions about our GE GXSG30V 30,000-grain water softener review please leave a comment below!

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