SpringWell SS Water Softener Review 2023 – How Good Are They?

Author: Rory Mullan - Published: 2021/06/30 - Updated: 2023/01/05

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This product review features the SpringWell SS Salt-Based Water Softener System.

SpringWell water softeners come in three different capacities, making them suitable for small to large houses. All three models are salt-based and therefore effectively soften water, eliminating scale buildup from your fixtures, appliances, and water pipes.

Owing to this, you require fewer appliance repairs. Additionally, the elimination of hardening minerals from water also increases your water equipment’s lifespan, makes your hair and skin shinier, reduces spotting on surfaces, and keeps the laundry clean.

The three SpringWell water softeners are:

  • SS1: One to three bathrooms.
  • SS4: Four to Six bathrooms.
  • SS+: Seven or more bathrooms

If one of these water softeners seems like your next home improvement purchase, make sure to read their reviews below.

SpringWell Water Softeners Review – Main Specs

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SpringWell SS Salt Based Water Softener System


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  • For tap water and well water
  • Water softener type: Salt
  • Grain capacity and max flow rate depend on which softener size you choose
    • SpringWell SS1: 9″ tank width, 48″ (57″ with head) tank height – 32,000 grains, up to 11 gallons of softened water per minute (for homes with 1-3 bathrooms)
    • SpringWell SS4: 10″ tank width, 54″ (63″ with head) tank height – 48,000 grains, up to 13 gallons per minute (4-6 bathrooms)
    • SpringWell SS+: 13″ tank width, 54″ (63″ with head) tank height – 80,000 grains, up to 20 gpm (7+ bathrooms)
  • Brine tank: W 18″ x H 33″
  • Required incoming water pressure: 25 to 80 psi

SpringWell CSS Water Filter and Salt Based Water Softener System b SpringWell SS Salt Based Water Softener System a


At the beginning of our SpringWell SS water softener review, a few highlights:

Genuine Water Softeners

The traditional salt-based water softeners not just alter the structure of hard water minerals, they remove them entirely to rule out scaling and other issues.

3 System Sizes

You can choose between three system sizes to match your water usage. This prevents potential drops in water pressure without paying for an oversized softener.


Metered regeneration combined with a Vortech tank plate save resources during regen.

Full Control

You have full control over all water softening settings using a mobile device or the programmable electronic head.

10% Crosslink Resin

10% crosslink resin is more resistant to chlorine compared to standard 8% resin.

DIY Installation & Maintenance

You can install and maintain a SpringWell water softener yourself in order to save money.

6-Month Satisfaction Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty

For peace of mind.


  • The SpringWell SS1 water softener has a resin with 32,000 grains. It allows 11 gallons of water to flow per minute, which is enough for smaller families even when consumption is higher.
  • Meanwhile, the SS4 is ideal for larger families since it has a 48,000-grain resin and a 13 gallons per minute flow rate.
  • On the other hand, the SS+ is suitable for very large homes due to its 20-gallon per minute water flow with a resin bed rated at 80,000 grains capacity.
  • The presence of 10% crosslink resin makes these water softeners better than most cheaper builds that only have 8% crosslink and do not last long if your water is chlorine-rich.[1]
  • SpringWell water softeners are optimally controlled, owing to the presence of the head unit. It controls everything from regeneration and backwash cycle duration to salt consumption.
  • Since the head unit is Bluetooth-compatible, controlling and programming it is at your fingertips. All you have to do is download the Legacy View app for free on your smartphone and use it to configure the head unit.
  • The app lets you view water usage and adjust the settings accordingly. Plus, you can initiate a backwash cycle or regeneration – all while sitting in bed.
  • Although there’s an app, you can still use the controls on the head unit to program the system if that’s more comfortable for you.
  • More importantly, SpringWell water softeners are highly economic since they feature metered regeneration. Thus, regeneration cycles only start when required, leading to the preservation of salt, water, and money.
  • The Vortech plate in the mineral tank offers 30% better efficiency of backwashing, leading to lesser consumption of water and salt.
  • Plus, the company exclusively uses NSF-certified components to ensure the durability and exceptional quality of their softeners.
  • On the exterior, the water softener is covered in a neoprene sleeve that offers protection against weather elements and mechanical damage.
  • While most other water softeners come with the additional cost of hiring a handyperson, this one can be installed at home with a few tools. The instructions manual is included in the package, along with the contact details for the company’s extensive tech support service.
  • The company offers a six-month money-back guarantee. You can return the water softener and get your money back if it’s not up to the mark.
  • SpringWell offers free shipping on all its products, so you can save a few bucks there. Additionally, they have impeccable customer service, ready to help you in case of a query or problem.
  • Plus, the company gives a lifetime warranty for its products, so you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your purchase will last for decades to come.


  • Currently, we’re not aware of any cons except that the water softeners are on the pricier side.


Installing SpringWell water softeners is pretty straightforward – as reported by many users – since you just need a few tools and the know-how of using them.

The package contains an installation kit comprising the instructions manual and the parts you need to install the water softener. If you run into any problem, simply get in touch with the company’s tech support, and they’ll be prompt to assist.

The following is a summary of the instructions provided by SpringWell. It shall give you an idea of the process:

  1. Installing the electronic head
    1. Remove both caps on resin tank.
    2. Press the electronic head onto the pipe inside the tank and turn clockwise to tighten.
    3. Install the bypass valves onto the electronic head connections.
    4. Insert rubber connections into the opening of the head unit.
    5. Secure the bypass valves by tightening the fasteners on both valve connections.
    6. Install an MNPT fitting on both inlet and outlet of the bypass.
  2. Installing the water softener
    1. Close the incoming water supply to your home.
    2. Remove a section of your main water supply line and install shut-off valves on both ends.
    3. Connect the water softener to the water supply line, for example using PVC nipples and corrugated pipes.
  3. Additional steps
    1. Remove the blue tab from behind the drain valve. Then remove the drain valve itself.
    2. Slide the hose clamp over the drain line.
    3. Connect the drain line to the barbed end of the drain valve. Tighten with clamp.
    4. Reinstall the drain valve and lock with blue tab.
    5. Secure the other end of the drain line to the drain.
    6. Tighten the pre-filter housing using the filter wrench.
    7. Connect the power cord to the electronic head.
    8. Remove the head cover and locate the batter connection.
  4. Installing the brine tank
    1. Connect one end of the drain line to the barbed valve of brine tank. Lead the other to the drain.
    2. Open brine tank and remove the brine well cap.
    3. Insert regen line into the brine tank opening and connect it to the brine well.
    4. Replace brine well cap.
    5. Add salt into the brine tank.
    6. Close the tank.
  5. Testing the system
    1. Open one or more faucets all the way.
    2. Put shut-off valves at water softener in off position and set softener to bypass.
    3. Open your home’s water supply.
    4. Inspect shut off valve on incoming water supply for leaks.
    5. Open the shut off valve and check water softener bypass for leaks.
    6. Open the bypass and allow the system to flush for five to ten minutes.
  6. Next step: Setting softener values!

Alternative, you can follow this video for an easy visual tutorial on how to install:


Since SpringWell softeners use ion exchange to eliminate hard minerals, they’ll need salt. Therefore, you have to add salt to the brine tank occasionally – every other month – depending on your water use.

The brine tank has a wide mouth and a capacity of more than 100 pounds of salt, so it shouldn’t be hard to keep it filled. However, don’t overfill the brine tank. Instead, consult the manufacturers’ guidelines to determine the salt dose and frequency of adding new salt.

If you’re noticing a brown tint in your water, the brine tank might be dirty. Turn the system off and remove the brine tank. Discard any brine and drain the water in the tank. Clean the tank properly before reassembling it.

Normally, you’d only have to do this every few years unless there’s inexplicably high salt content or coloration in the water.

What’s Included

Here’s what you will find in the package:

  • Water softener resin tank
  • Electronic head unit
  • Hose clamp
  • Power supply
  • Bypass valve
  • 50’ drain line
  • Two MNTP fittings
  • Brine tank

SpringWell SS Review – Conclusion & Best For

SpringWell is quite versatile in its provisions because its water softeners are best for families of all sizes. Besides doing the primary task – softening water – these systems also provide ease of use since they have an app-controlled head unit.

More importantly, the company’s customer service and lifetime warranty make the softeners an even better pick since you can be sure you’re sorted for life.

Sure enough, they’re more expensive than other water softeners, but the price is compensated by the high-quality build, innovative features, and top-notch performance. If your budget allows, don’t hold back!

If you have questions about our SpringWell SS review please leave a comment below!

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