SpringWell WS Whole House Well Water Filter System Review 2023

Author: Jason Hollow - Published: 2020/11/17 - Updated: 2023/01/05

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This product review features the SpringWell WS Whole House Well Water Filter System.

Available in two different sizes, the system was designed for the filtration of well water containing iron, manganese, or hydrogen sulfide, or a combination of the three. The result: Refreshing, odor-free water that doesn’t cause staining available at every outlet in your home.

Sounds like a great deal? Let’s find out more!

SpringWell WS – Main Specs

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SpringWell WS Whole House Water Filter


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  • Designed for filtering well water containing iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide
    • Maximum combined of clear-water and red-water iron: 7ppm
    • Maximum hydrogen sulfide content: 8 ppm
    • Maximum manganese level: 1ppm
  • Extremely long filtration capacity of 18 to 25 years before filter media needs replacement
  • Max flow rate depends on which system size you choose
    • SpringWell WS1: 10″ tank width, 54″ (64″ with head) tank height – up to 12 gallons of filtered water per minute (for homes with 1-4 bathrooms)
    • SpringWell WS4: 13″ tank width, 54″ (64″ with head) tank height – up to 20 gpm (4-6+ bathrooms)
  • Required incoming water pressure: 25 to 80 psi

SpringWell WS Whole House Well Water Filter System a SpringWell WS Whole House Well Water Filter System b


At the beginning of our SpringWell WS Whole House Well Water Filter System review, a few highlights:

Air Injection + Greensand

The filtering process combines air injection with greensand filtration for most effective contaminant removal from well water.

Installation for Do-It-Yourselfers

Do-it-yourselfers can install the whole house water filter within a few hours.

Maintenance Free

The system doesn’t require any kind of maintenance for years to come.

6-Month Money-Back Guarantee

You can just give back the system and get a refund if it’s not as you’d expected.

Lifetime Warranty

A lifetime warranty protects against defects in material and workmanship.


  • The large tank maintains an air pocket in the top. The rest is filled with greensand media. Entering the system, the feed water first gets in contact with the compressed air which acts as a catalyst to pre-oxidize any iron, sulfur, and manganese. The water then gets in contact with the greensand where it gets trapped. The combination of air injection with greensand filtration is a highly effective method to treat well water.
  • As a do-it-yourselfer with a little bit of practice you shouldn’t have any problems installing this whole house water filter system within a couple of hours. The provided installation instructions are detailed and include photos for every installation step. And you don’t have to install a bypass. The control valve has one already built in.
  • SpringWell says the greensand lasts between 18 and 25 years with no maintenance requirements from your side – also means zero cost. The air pocket resets automatically on a daily basis. Furthermore, the tank backwashes regularly in order to flush out all accumulated contaminants. Both functions are controlled by a digital head valve.
  • You only need to program the head valve once when installing the system. Afterwards, you can completely forget about it. You can do the programming via Bluetooth using your mobile phone or directly at the unit.
  • The SpringWell WS is compatible with septic systems.
  • All SpringWell whole house filter systems come with a 6-month money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.
  • Customer support is rated A+.


  • The pH of your water must be between 6.5 (6.8) and 10 for optimum system performance.
  • Would have liked metal instead of plastic fittings.


The WS whole house water filter won’t be preassembled when arriving at your front door, so the installation involves a few extra steps. The following is a summary of the official instructions (make sure to follow all applicable plumbing codes!):

  1. Installing the Well Water Filter Electronic Head
    1. Unscrew the top cap on the large media tank and also remove the clue cap inside.
    2. Align the head valve opening with the pipe inside the tank and push down. Turn the valve clockwise to tighten. Hand tight is enough.
    3. Attach the bypass valve onto the head valve. Secure by tightening the fasteners on both connections.
    4. Install the MNPT fittings onto the inlet and outlet port of the bypass and apply plumber’s tape on both remaining threaded ends.
  2. Installing the Tank
    1. Shut off the water supply.
    2. Connect the main filter tank inlet to the incoming water supply line. Connect the tank outlet to the outgoing water supply line. Use threaded adapters, shut off valves, PVC nipples, and corrugated pipes where needed. Apply plumber’s where needed.
  3. Installing the Drain Line
    1. Remove the blue lock tab from the drain valve on the left side of the filter head.
    2. Pull out the drain valve.
    3. Slide a hose clamp over one of the drain lines before pressing on the barbed connector. Tighten the connection using the hose clamp.
    4. Push the drain valve back into the tank head. Lock the drain valve with the blue tab.
    5. Use the zip ties to secure the drain line at the drain.
  4. Powering the Tank Head
    1. Power the electronic head using the power cord.
    2. Lift off the head cover. Connect a 9V battery beneath the display.
    3. Replace the cover.
  5. Testing
    1. Open a cold bathtub faucet.
    2. Put the filter system in bypass and turn the water supply back on. Check for leaks.
    3. Slowly open the bypass valve. Allow water to flow through the tank while checking for leaks.
    4. Allow water to run through the system for 10 minutes.
  6. Continue programming the head valve


No maintenance needed.

What’s Included

As per the installation instructions, the package includes:

Recommended supplies are:

  • 1-inch corrugated water connectors, 24-inch long
  • 1-inch PVC nipples, 3-inch long
  • 1-inch threaded connectors for pre-plumb
  • 1 roll plumber’s tape
  • 1-inch PVC shut off valve
  • Zip ties

SpringWell WS Whole House Well Water Filter Review – Conclusion & Best For

In our opinion, the SpringWell WS Whole House Well Water Filter System is the best on the market for well water.

Combining air injection oxidization with greensand filtration, it eliminates iron staining, manganese, and rotten-egg smell for water that’s much cleaner and more refreshing. And the best thing about it: The system is fully automated so that you don’t have to worry about anything for many years to come.

Side note: If you also want to remove pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals[1] like lead, and other chemicals and organic/inorganic contaminants from your water, check out the SpringWell CF Whole House Water Filter System. For some water supplies, it makes a great addition to the WS.

If you have questions about our SpringWell WS review please leave a comment below!

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