The Many Uses of AquaTru Water

Author: Michael R. Long – Published: 2022/06/14 – Updated: 2023/01/05

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AquaTru cannot be compared to other drinking water appliances using advanced Reverse Osmosis (RO) and activated carbon technology. Its unique portable design and user features put it in a category of its own. The very simplicity and lack of gimmicks (like “9-stage” filters!) gives AquaTru a significant edge in achieving the single most important reason for using a water purification system – to significantly reduce every possible contaminant.

One of the most exciting things about owning a AquaTru drinking water appliance is having an abundant, low cost source of very high quality water, not only for its obvious health benefits, but also for seldom-thought-of applications you will learn below. AquaTru water makes a noticeable, sometimes even dramatic difference, in almost everything it is used with.

If you and your family don’t consume the daily 6 – 8 glasses of water recommended by the medical profession, it may be because of the taste of tap water. Even the slightest of tastes and odors in water will cause us to seek alternative beverages that are more expensive and far less healthful. Rest assured that when family members discover the fresh, thirst-quenching taste of water from your AquaTru system, they’ll take a new interest in this most important beverage.

The Many Uses of AquaTru Water

the many uses of aquatru water blog post
Internal Body Cleansing: Water is not only vital to every process in the body, it also cleanses the body of toxins that affect our well being; but only if the water is sufficiently pure. Beverages like juice, soda, etc., though mostly water, cannot perform this function. Try 6 – 8 glasses of AquaTru water each day for a month, and see if you don’t experience a noticeable change in some aspect of your health and well being.  AquaTru water should also be the foundation of any of the water fasting/cleansing programs recommended by your health advisor or doctor.

Cooking: Ordinary tap water with its chemical additives, mineral salts, and organic impurities can interfere with the natural flavor of vegetables, soups, and most anything cooked in or with water. We even recommend cooking food like spaghetti or steaming vegetables in AquaTru water, something bottled water users find much too costly. One of the unexpected benefits you’ll discover is that your AquaTru water puts an end to the annoying scale build-up on your pots and pans.

Concentrated Juices and Mixes: “Just add water”, the label says. Your AquaTru unit allows you to add water without the impurities and bad taste. Juice concentrates, particularly, will taste better than ever. Why? Because you’ll be replacing the same pure water removed from the fresh juice during processing (often by the R.O. process!) allowing the full flavor to develop.

Coffee, Tea and other Beverages: Most beverages are over 95 percent water and turn out to be no better than the water from which they are made. Mineral salts and organic tastes and odors interfere with the chemistry of coffee and especially tea making. Your  AquaTru water allows the full essence of your brews to come through.

Ice Cubes: If your ice is cloudy or melts too quickly, you won’t believe the difference your AquaTru water makes! It’s the mineral salts in water that make ice cloudy and soft. You can expect clearer, harder ice that melts slowly, won’t spoil the flavor of beverages, and leaves no annoying residue in your mixed drinks.

Low Sodium Diets: Your AquaTru system produces water that is perfect for most low sodium (salt restricted) diets. Excess processed table salt (sodium chloride) intake has been linked to hypertension and weight gain for some individuals. For those who have a water softener, this too, adds sodium to the water but with an AquaTru system, drinking water sodium levels will be practically eliminated.

Weight Loss Diets: Excess mineral salts in tap water and softened water can result in an increase in body fluids and therefore weight. Your AquaTru water compliments any weight loss program by minimizing this factor. If you’ve been consuming tap or filtered water, try this: Drink at least six glasses of your AquaTru water throughout the day for one month – without changing anything else in your diet. See if you aren’t delighted by the number of pounds you’ll shed!

Baby Formulas: Babies and infants are especially susceptible to the hazards of water contaminants such as lead from household plumbing, chlorine byproducts, fluoride, toxic chemicals and radioactivity.  We can think of no better use for your AquaTru water than preparing their foods, formula and drinking water.

Rinsing Hair and Skin: For the absolute softest, shiniest hair and skin, there is nothing like a final rinse with your AquaTru water. It has none of the dulling chemicals or mineral salts that are left behind by city water when your hair dries. Furthermore, the pH of AquaTru water is ideal for maintaining optimum hair and skin. Just wash and rinse as usual. Then, pour a container (one quart or liter will do) of your AquaTru water over the hair and/or face. (You might want to warm it a bit on the stove or microwave) Gently towel dry and appreciate the wonderful results.

Plants: There’s a lot of misunderstanding about the best water to give your house plants. Many people think that the mineral salts in water are important for the growth of their plants. This is generally untrue. Nature intended plant life to have rain water which is void of mineral salts. Plant nutrients are supplied by elements and bacteria in the soil. All of your greenery, including cut flowers, will thrive better and longer using your AquaTru water. Potted plants won’t have to be flushed out regularly to get rid of mineral salt buildup when your AquaTru water is used. Try it – the difference can be dramatic.

Steam Irons: Your AquaTru water is far superior to tap water for use in steam irons. Mineral salts from tap water build up around the heating elements and waste expensive electricity as well as clog steam vents. Your AquaTru water reduces mineral salt build-up and will substantially extend the life of your steam iron.

Humidifiers: Humidifiers evaporate water into the air leaving whatever was in the water behind. The dirt, rust, and mineral salts deposited in the humidifier mechanism can cause it to become inefficient, energy wasting, and finally self-destruct. You will soon observe what a great asset AquaTru water can be to your humidifier maintenance.

Preparing Cleaning Products: Many households economize and “Go Green” by mixing their own cleaning solutions from concentrates – whether for cleaning counters,  floors or windows. Dirt and mineral salts in tap water actually interfere with the effectiveness of cleaners, in addition to leaving a dulling residue of spots and streaks behind. If you really want to make your products “new and improved” try mixing them with your AquaTru water. The results are very noticeable.

Aquariums:  Fish love pure water too! Whether you have fresh water fish or use fresh water to prepare saltwater aquariums, it’s best to start with water having as few impurities as possible. AquaTru not only effectively removes excess mineral salts, but eliminates both free and combined chlorine (chloramines) which are highly toxic to most fish. For fresh water aquariums, the AquaTru water should be added as make-up water at first so fish become gradually acclimated to the change of chemistry. Always consult with your aquarium specialist for his recommendation when using AquaTru water to replace large volumes of aquarium water.

Automobile Batteries: Even though some battery manufacturers claim that it’s okay to use tap water, all car batteries will last far longer with AquaTru water. With the mineral salts virtually eliminated, your AquaTru water will not interfere with the chemistry of your car battery and its lifetime will be maximized.

Automobile Windshield Washer: How many people do you know who would put bottled water in their car’s windshield washer? You should put your AquaTru water in your washer and see what a difference it makes! The overspray from your washers won’t leave such a mess of spots and streaks. This really becomes a favorite to those who try it.

Spotless Window Washing: You can expect some impressive results using AquaTru water for window washing. Clean the window with a cleaning solution as usual. A large soft brush is effective and fast. Hose the windows down with tap water. Then as a final rinse, spray your AquaTru water over the windows with a plastic garden or bottle sprayer and allow them to dry. There will be no spots and no streaks left behind by dirt or mineral salts. Better yet, a lot of labor is saved from not having to squeegee or towel dry the windows. This is how the real pros do it.

Spot Free Rinsing of Glasses and Crystal: If you’ve ever broken your favorite crystal wine glass drying it with a towel, then you’ll really appreciate this. After washing as usual, rinse the glassware by dipping it in a large open container of AquaTru water and allow to air dry. The results will dazzle you.

Spot Free Car Rinse: Okay, this you may say is pushing it! But, those who take the time to try this will be thoroughly amazed and never go back to their old way of washing a car at home. First, save up at least five gallons of your  water AquaTru in several plastic containers. Then, after you have thoroughly washed and rinsed your car with tap water as usual, do not wipe down or dry off the car. Instead, immediately pour the AquaTru water (or spray with a plastic garden sprayer) over every inch of the car. The more, the better. Then you can let your car air dry even in the direct sunlight. It will dry spot free and shiny – all without having to wipe it off and risk scratching the finish. It’s almost a miracle and worth the effort. Your car will even retain its fine finish longer.

Health Benefits of AquaTru Drinking Water – Seeking Hydration

The Healing Power of Water – Dr. Batmanghelidj

Dr. Batmanghelidj, M.D. has studied water’s effect on the human body over many decades and found it to be one of the most effective yet underused therapeutic and preventative support nutrients. He discovered that many adverse health conditions including serious diseases are often linked to states of severe hydration.

Rule #1 Drink AquaTru water upon waking (adults) – a habit that will change you!

Commit yourself to a transformational health experience. Upon waking, immediately drink at least ½ to ¾  liter (500 to 750 ml) of AquaTru water each and every morning. Scientific tests have long proven its value for enhancing and optimizing general health and wellbeing. If you feel there is room for significant improvement in your health, drink AquaTru water without any additives or enhancements for two to four weeks. Overcome any temptation to break this routine.

Rule #2 Our thirst perception is not reliable!

DO NOT wait until you feel thirsty to have a glass of water! Dr. Batmanghelidj proved that the classic signs of dehydration are not the only indicators. Drink a prescribed amount of water per day according to the following formula:

“Half of your weight in ounces taken in five or six portions throughout the day”

Example: 192 pound person; One-half in ounces = 96 oz; Six portions = 16 oz each

Note: Try to consume each portion in the space of about 6 minutes. Do not sip it over a prolonged time.

Rule #3 Drink water for therapeutic support!

Water therapy has been well established over centuries as critical hydration support for some of the most serious health conditions. You can read any one of Dr. Batmanghelidj’s famous books. Our favorites are “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” and “The Healing Power of Water”.

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