Travel Water Filter Pitcher? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Author: Rory Mullan - Published: 2022/08/19 - Updated: 2022/12/22

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Travel water filter pitchers are an incredibly convenient way to get safe and clean drinking water no matter where you go. But with so many different models available, choosing the right one can seem impossible.

But that’s where we come in.

In this article, we’ll compare two popular models of water filter pitchers for travelers, the reasons why you need one, and the features you should consider when buying.

So, here is our guide on travel water filter pitchers!


  • The most essential thing to consider when buying a travel water filter pitcher is knowing where you are traveling to and what dangerous microbes or chemicals might be needed to be removed from your water source. This will largely determine the kind of travel water filter pitcher you need to buy.
  • It is always advised to buy water filter pitchers with NSF certifications for the specific contaminants you want to remove.
  • Lastly, you should consider the weight, size, durability and compactness of the pitcher you will be buying to ensure that it will not be cumbersome when you are traveling with it.

What’s Our Recommended Travel Water Filter Pitcher?

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There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to travel water filter pitchers, however, we find the CF Water Pitcher to be our number one choice.

The CF Water Pitcher

The water filter pitcher by Clearly Filtered has excellent contaminant reduction capabilities, proven through rigorous testing according to NSF standards. The pitcher has shown to eliminate viruses, bacteria and cysts as well as many other water pollutants, such as:

  • Fluoride
  • Pesticides & herbicides
  • Microplastics
  • Volatile and semi-volatile compounds
  • Trace pharmaceuticals
  • Asbestos
  • Chemical disinfectants such as chloramine, chlorine and iodine
  • Heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, iron, cadmium and manganese


A Clearly Filtered Pitcher is certified to reduce harmful contaminants and maintain essential minerals according to NSF/ANSI standards. The pitcher comes in a 10-cup size and is made from BPA-free plastic with a cartridge filter that lasts four months on average. In addition, it is very easy to assemble and use.

If you’re unhappy with the results, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.


The Clearly Filtered doesn’t have many cons. However, some have reported issues with the unit clogging, and others find its price to be a bit high.

The Epic Nano

The Epic Nano filter pitcher removes a wide variety of contaminants and microorganisms, including the following:

  • Pesticides & herbicides
  • Radiological elements
  • Pharmaceutical & emerging contaminants
  • Chemical additives
  • Microorganisms
  • Heavy metals
  • Volatile & semi-volatile compounds
  • Total trihalomethanes
  • Microplastics


As with the CF pitcher before, the Epic Nano has been tested according to NSF standards, meaning it is proven to remove contaminants. This 8-cup pitcher fits easily in a suitcase, and it can be used even before the water is fully filtered.

Moreover, its filters are 100% recyclable, made from BPA-free plastic, and last up to 6 months – even longer than with the Clearly Filtered!

Additionally, your purchase is protected by a lifetime warranty and a simple refund policy.


There is a possibility that the lid will get stuck and even fall off during pouring, which can be a bit frustrating. There’ve also been reports of the filtering speed slowing down after a few weeks.

Why Use a Travel Water Filter Pitcher in the First Place?

You can drink clean and safe water wherever you are with a portable water filter pitcher. If you travel often, but aren’t sure about the quality of the water where you are, travel water filter pitchers can be your best friend.

For people on a budget, their ease of use, affordability, and low maintenance make them a great choice. Even if you aren’t going to move around much, these devices are incredibly convenient.

Filter or Purifier?

People often think of water purifiers and filters as the same thing, but they have different functions. A water purifier can remove viruses, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens from water, while a regular water filter “only” removes stuff like sediment, chemicals, and heavy metals.

Fortunately, many products combine purification and filtering, offering the best of both worlds.

When traveling abroad, you may encounter water supplies that do not meet the same high standards as those at home, so we recommend that you bring a water purifying pitcher with you, meaning one that does remove harmful microorganisms from your drinking water.

What to Consider When Buying a Water Filter Pitcher for Travelling

There are many pitcher filter models to choose from, and everyone has a unique preference. There are, however, a few characteristics every good water pitcher should possess.

These features include:

Bacteria, Viruses, Cysts

bacteria under microscope

Any decent travel pitcher filter should be able to remove microorganisms from your water, at the very least. To verify the filter’s capability to reduce contaminants, check that it’s been tested against the right NSF standards (primarily Protocol P231).

NSF/ANSI Standards

NSF/ANSI certification provides a measure for the filter’s overall filtration capacity, and ensures that it can successfully filter out harmful contaminants.[1]

In our opinion, it is easier to trust a filter pitcher that has been tested or certified by an independent organization.


When traveling, the last thing you need is a water filter pitcher that breaks when your luggage hits a bump. If the pitcher is made of durable plastic (and BPA-free), it can withstand any knocks or falls during your travels.


As a rule of thumb, if you’re traveling and look to bring an item with you, you’ll want it to be as small and compact as possible. A water filter is no different. A smaller pitcher will make it much easier to find a place to store it in your luggage.

Furthermore, a lighter pitcher will be more convenient and easier to carry around than a heavier one.

Transparent Plastic

When choosing a water filter pitcher to buy, transparency may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, a transparent jug will make it easier for airport security staff or customs to see what you’re carrying. This can save you a lot of hassle while going through airport security.

Remember This!

Water supplies in other countries may not meet the same high standards as those in your city or state. Additionally, even within the United States, water quality can vary significantly across state lines.

It doesn’t matter if the water comes from a tap faucet or a well, if you are uncertain of the source, quality, or prior filtering of the water, use your water filter pitcher to purify it. The investment is well worth it!


If you want a reliable water filter pitcher to use while traveling, or even at home, you should go with the CF Water Pitcher.

It has been tested by an accredited lab against NSF standards, ensuring you get the necessary level of contaminant filtering. As an alternative, check the Epic Nano.

If neither of them fits your needs, you can shop online for other options.

When shopping for filters, remember to consider their filtration capabilities, size, and durability. Cost isn’t everything.

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