How Much Do Under Sink Water Filters Cost?

Author: Rory Mullan - Published: 2022/02/10 - Updated: 2023/01/05

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An efficient water filtration system eliminates dangerous contaminants swimming in your water.

If you’re concerned about space consumption, under sink water filters offer a great solution. You can install such units at a single point of use and access clean drinking water instantly.

Nonetheless, varying prices for these convenient systems create a lot of confusion.

We’ll walk you through the costs factors, from individual units to installation and maintenance. This will help you purchase a suitable system for your family.

So, here is our guide on under sink water filter cost.


  • A single-stage under sink water filter system can set you back $50 to $100.
  • An under sink water filter with multiple stages costs $100 to $400.
  • Systems that utilize reverse osmosis can cost between $80 and $450.

Under Sink Water Filtration System Cost

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In a nutshell: Under sink water filters cost $200 to $950. The price range depends on the type of system and includes installation and maintenance for one year.

When taking into account overall under sink filter costs, you first need to consider the buying price. The type(s) of filter media you choose drastically impacts the price range.

The market is flooded with under sink water filtration systems. Premium models target maximum water contaminants. On the flip side, cheap ones trap fewer or only a particular group of pollutants.

Though we recommend opting for an NSF-certified filter[1], the buying decision largely depends on your budget and personal preferences.

We’ll discuss price ranges of the 3 different under sink water filter types to help you decide on one that fits your budget.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis systems are by far the most advanced water filters, and for this reason alone they are pricier than the others. RO systems can cost you around $180 to $450. But they also deliver highly purified drinking water.

Single-Stage Under Sink Systems

Single-stage under sink water filters do not cost a lot. You can easily purchase one for $50-100. But, again, being mid-ranged, they often won’t work to eliminate all water contaminants.

Multi-Stage Filtration Systems

If you plan to buy a multi-stage filter, it will cost you somewhere between $100-400. These systems are more expensive compared to single-stage filters because they feature more than one filtration stage and often at least two types of filter media to give you flawlessly filtered water.

How Much Does Under Sink Water Filter Installation Cost?

After buying a suitable under sink water filter, you need to install it – usually under the kitchen sink.

As such, you would need to pay for the setup, and it will automatically add up to the initial price.

The good news is, under sink water filter installation costs less than plumbing in whole house water filters. Primarily, you need to establish the necessary tubing connections and drill a hole in your countertop to accommodate the dispenser; unless your filter is inline.

Besides, if you want to avoid extra cost, you can install everything yourself. In other words, if you have a little technical understanding, you will be able to save the plumbing fee[2].

Below, we’ve enlisted all the cost factors to guide you further.


Regardless of whether you hire a plumber or decide to install an under sink filter yourself, you would need to pay for a few tools and supplies required for the setup.

You can ask your plumber to add all the supply costs to your final bill. However, if you’re a thrifty person and want to purchase the equipment yourself, it will cost you up to $100.

This includes stuff like connectors and other fittings, tubing, plumber’s tape, etc.

Labor Work

under sink water filter being installed

If you know how to hook up a filter yourself, you can save the labor cost. However, if you’re afraid you’ll end up spoiling your plumbing system or kitchen counter, it’s better to hire an experienced professional on an hourly basis.

The labor work will cost you around $100-300. However, it also varies depending on the filter type and your location.

Also, some plumbers charge extra for removing an old filter before installing the new one.

Here is another tip: Make sure to get a price estimates in written form and from more than one service provider. This will allow you to compare prices and make the best decision based on that.

Also, always ask for the plumber’s insurance and license number to avoid trouble later on.

Other Costs

Aside from fundamental costs, a few additional factors count as well. These include the type of filter system and plumbing setup, and the installation location.

The Filter System

The model of under sink water filter can significantly impact installation fees. A few models are pretty complex as they come with a bunch of small parts and tubing. These can be more challenging to handle and assemble, even for skilled professionals.

Bottom line, more installation time is required. As such, you’ll get charged more.

Location and Special Plumbing Requirements

Regrettably speaking, under sink filters do not work for a few specifically designed plumbing systems. If you have a similar plumbing system inside your home, you’d need some extra work done to get a unit fitted. This, in turn, will also increase the cost of the overall installation process.

Likewise, if space under your sink is not enough or hard to reach, it will impact the procedure and, well, hike up the costs.

This typically happens when homeowners have garbage disposals or hand wash holders, which make installation more challenging due to restricted space.

DIY vs Expert Installation

The question remains, should you go for DIY installation or consider hiring a professional?

The answer depends entirely on your circumstances.

Hypothetically speaking, if you already have a filtration system installed under your sink and you only need to replace it, DIYing probably won’t hurt. It’s all there already; you only need to connect the new unit.

Of course, you would still need little technical knowledge to get the job done.

If you’ve never performed such a task before, we recommend hiring a professional. Otherwise, you might install the system inappropriately or cause damage and add to the expenses.

Drilling a hole in your kitchen countertop often turns out to be the most difficult task, which can only be avoided if you purchase an inline filter.

Maintenance Costs of Under Sink Water Filtration Systems

two water filter cartridges dropped in water

The primary expenses are covered once you’ve purchase an under sink water filter and installed it in your kitchen. Nonetheless, that’s not where the story ends.

You will need to spend more money on cartridge replacements to keep everything up and running. Otherwise, your unit will exhaust and become inefficient eventually.

If you’re going for a reverse osmosis system, you need to replace the membrane every two to four years. The other filter stages should last 6 to 12 months. We estimate $100 to $200 on average in annual cost.

If you have installed a simpler unit, you might get away with spending around 50 bucks.

Total Cost Estimates

During the first year of purchase and installation you need to spend more. To this we need to add maintenance cost.

Check out the chart below to get an overview of the overall costs.

Under Sink System TypePrice TagInstallationMaintenanceTotal (One Year)
RO System$180-450$100-300$100-200$380-950
Single-Stage Filter$50-100$100-300$50$200-450
Multi-Stage Filter$100-400$100-300$100-200$300-900


The cost of under sink water filters varies. The main factor is system type: Reverse osmosis, basic or multi-stage.

RO systems cost between $180 to $450 at purchase, $100 to $300 for pro installation and $100 to $200 in annual maintenance.

Basic under sink water filters are more affordable. Price tag: $50 to $100. DIY installation is often possible. As for maintenance, $50 per year seems realistic.

Multi-stage under sink water filters are in between. They cost about $100 to $400 to buy and $100 to $200 to maintain. Do-it-yourself installation is doable but possibly more demanding.

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