Under Sink Water Filter Installation Cost 2023

Author: Jason Hollow - Published: 2021/09/24 - Updated: 2023/01/05

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You’ve finally realized “the truth about tap” and are ready to plunge into the blissful world of filtered water, haven’t’ you? Better late than never!

Enter under sink water filter systems that are quick, efficient and practically fuss-free. Once functioning, these appliances prove to be a workhorse for your household and allow you total peace of mind.

What’s best is that point-of-use (POU) water filters are relatively inexpensive and don’t require extensive changes to your plumbing. Therefore, the installation cost for most under sink water filters is also economical – ranging between $150-$300.

In this article, we give you a comprehensive breakdown of the installation costs, the average time required for the job and discuss whether you even need to hire a professional or not.

So, here is guide on under sink water filter installation cost!


  • The installation of an under sink water filter would normally run around a total of $150 to $300.
  • The necessary installation supplies will cost around $50-100 and the labor itself will be around $50-200.

Under Sink Water Filter Installation Cost

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Many builders and local plumbers quote an enormous amount for installing point-of-use water filters.

But don’t be intimated! We are here to help you figure out the exact amount you need to pay, nothing more.

Okay, so what is included in the installation process?

  • First, the cold water line is connected to the inflow valve of the filter.
  • Reverse osmosis filters require a connection to the drain as well.
  • The filter also needs a faucet connection. If your system comes with a separate dispenser, a hole needs to be drilled in the countertop.

Some plumbers also offer to carry and dispose of any old water treatment systems at an additional fee.


As opposed to whole house water filters, under sink filters can be installed within an hour.

The standard hourly rate for plumbers in the US is on average $90[1], depending on the area and the skill of the worker.

To ensure an excellent job, search for licensed plumbers who are experienced in dealing with water filtration systems. Not to forget, always ask for a written cost estimate to avoid unpleasant arguments once the job is done.


Generally, under sink water filters require very few installation supplies. If you’re lucky, your filtration system will include all the required bits and pieces in the package (along with replacement filters).

If you start from scratch, you will need to spend $100 max to purchase the connectors, tubings and fittings.

DIY Installation vs Hiring a Plumber

What if we told you that you could install an under sink water filter all by yourself? No kidding! Many homeowners have successfully installed their filtration systems without any professional assistance.

However, the installation process requires basic knowledge about plumbing supplies such as male and female connectors, inserts, PTFE tape, gaskets, tubing sizes, etc.

Not to forget, some under sink filters come with a separate faucet to be installed on the counter. The process requires drilling a hole in the countertop, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. For some people, we certainly advise hiring a professional in this case.

On the other hand, if you are replacing your old under sink water filter with a new one, you can easily manage it on your own.

More Factors That Influence Installation Expenses

Furthermore, total installation costs for under sink water filters may vary due to the following factors.

The Complexity of the Under Sink Water Filter

Not all under sink filtration systems are the same. Some are single-stage purification units, while others boast complex RO filters that require storage tanks and drain connections.

Naturally, the more complex the unit is, the higher the installation fee.

Additional Tasks

If the plumbing under your sink is old or damaged, it will need to be replaced or fixed before installing a water treatment system. In this case, your total cost will go up.


Many modern homes have minimal kitchen space. Restricted space inside under sink cabinets makes installation complicated.

Moreover, sometimes multiple units are installed under the sink like garbage disposal or soap dispenser holder, etc. To be honest, the installation process becomes more tricky and time consuming when working in a constrictive space. Expect to pay more if the space is limited.

How Much Does it Cost to Maintain an Under Sink Water Filter System?

The actual cost of water filtration systems is not defined by their initial price but by the annual maintenance expense. Thus, it’s wise to evaluate the maintenance cost to figure whether it is feasible to install an under sink water filter or not.

Under sink filter cartridges usually need to be replaced every three to six months. At the same time, the service life of an RO membrane is 2 to 4 years.

Since most replacement cartridge sets cost on average $75, you can easily maintain a POU system for under $200 a year.

two water filter cartridges dropped in water

Under Sink Water Filter Price Tags

Point-of-use filters including under sink systems have gained tremendous popularity over the years due to two reasons: they’re budget-friendly and effortless to maintain.

Some units feature a single type of filter media, while others can sport as many as four filter stages. As a result, there is quite a variation in prices for different models and brands.

Single-Stage Units

The most inexpensive of the lot, single-stage under sink water filters cost up to $100 but not more.

Multi-Stage Systems

Offering more thorough filtration, multi-stage systems can cost anywhere between $100-$400.

Under Sink RO Systems

Sporting unparallel filtration performance, under sink RO systems can cost the most – over $400 at times.

Total Cost (First Year)

The total average cost of all types of under sink water filters is as follows.

# of StagesPrice TagInstallationNew Filters (Annually)Total Cost (First Year)
Single-StageUp to $100$200-$300$50$250-450
RO System$150-$400+$200-$300$100-200$450-900+


In conclusion, under sink water filter installation cost is determined by the amount of labor required (in case you plan to hire a professional) and installation supplies.

Generally speaking, we don’t consider it necessary to call a plumber for this. The setup isn’t too complicated.

Other cost factors are system complexity, installation location and additional tasks required for completion.

Maintaining an under sink water filter costs around $75 on average per year.

Price tags when purchasing a new system are up to $100 for single-stage units, $100-400 for multi-stage filters and $150-400+ for under sink RO systems.

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