How Much Does a Water Filter Pitcher Cost in 2023?

Author: Jason Hollow - Published: 2022/09/16 - Updated: 2023/01/05

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A water filter pitcher is a great marriage of convenience and affordability for people looking to get clean drinking water no matter where they go.

A cursory review of the water pitcher marketplace will reveal that there are many different brands and models to choose from, but knowing which one fits your budget isn’t so easy at first glance.

The upfront cost of a pitcher is only one piece of the puzzle – you also need to consider the long term maintenance costs. And that’s where we come in.

In this article, we’ll give you a rundown on the price of different pitcher filter units, as well as the long term costs you can expect from buying one.

So, here is our guide on water filter pitcher cost!


  • In 2023, a water filter pitcher ranges from around $20 to $100.
  • You should also consider the price of filter replacements as you will need to change these often.
  • For the first year of using a water filter pitcher, including filter replacements, the average cost is somewhere between $60 to $240. This generally depends on the price and frequency of the particular filter replacement.

Water Filter Pitcher Price Examples

water filter pitcher prices cost 2023

The price of a water filter pitcher can range from $20 on the low end to over $100, depending on your chosen features and brand. You must achieve an appropriate balance between jug capacity, materials, filtering capabilities, and overall convenience.

Some of the more expensive water filter pitchers on the market pay for themselves in the long run by requiring fewer filter replacements.

Also, you may need to invest a little more if you want more specialized features, such as alkalinization.

Below is a list of popular water filter pitchers on the market today, as well as their price tags.

Water Filter PitcherPrice Tag
Brita Everyday$28.99
Clearly Filtered$90.00
Epic Pure$60.00
pH Restore$38.99
PUR Plus 7 Cup$29.98
Seychelle pH2O$79.95
ZeroWater ZP-010$34.99

Water Filter Pitcher Installation Cost

Compared to other types of water filtration systems, one of the advantages of filter pitchers is that there’s no installation cost.

You just unpack the pitcher, perform some basic assembly, insert the first filter element, and you’re ready to use your pitcher straight away.

Upkeep Cost

You must factor in the cost of maintaining your water filter pitcher. In most cases, the initial cost will only cover the jug itself and one or two replacement filters.

New Filter Cartridges

The main (and often only) cost of using a filter pitcher is the cost of replacement filters. Prices for these might vary greatly across the board. Some manufacturers provide replacement filters for very low prices, while others will cost you more than the pitcher in just a few months.

But your pitcher’s maintenance cost will vary not only based on the price for replacement filters but also on how often you need to replace them. There are pitchers that run for significantly longer periods on a single cartridge. Despite the fact that their filters are more expensive than their competitors, they will save money in the long run.

Remember, you should generally only use replacement filters from the original manufacturer. It is sometimes possible to find filters from third-party manufacturers, but doing so is rarely a smart idea, even if they are usually less expensive.

That’s because, unlike when you buy from the original manufacturer, you often have no guarantee for the production quality of those products, and using non-approved filters may void your pitcher’s warranty.

pitcher water filter cartridge submerged in water

Also, keep an eye out for bulk discounts. Replacement filters are frequently provided in quantities of 6, 10, 12, and even more at considerably reduced prices.

Because most filters have a very long shelf life (in some cases, nearly unlimited if properly stored), it can’t hurt to buy a few extras and keep them on hand. The only real constraint here is the amount of storage space you have.

Total Cost (First Year)

Water Filter PitcherPrice TagMaintenance CostTotal Cost
Brita Everyday$28.99$60.00$80.00
Clearly Filtered$90.00$150.00$240.00
Epic Pure$60.00$100.00$150.00
pH Restore$38.99$50.00$90.00
PUR Plus 7 Cup$29.98$50.00$80.00
Seychelle pH2O$79.95$100.00$180.00
ZeroWater ZP-010$34.99$120.00$165.00

Where Can I Get a Water Filter Pitcher?

You have four choices when it comes to purchasing a water filter pitcher, and they all have their benefits and drawbacks:

Buying from Amazon or Similar Sites

You can purchase from Amazon or another large online retailer[1] that offers a wide range of products. You will the largest selection, and you may even be able to take advantage of the occasional deal.


  • Excellent selection
  • Reasonable costs
  • Some stores provide frequent discounts.


  • The business may not stock replacement filters for the model you’re considering.

Purchasing Directly from the Manufacturer/Brand

Many manufacturers and brands sell straight through their websites. Buying directly from them is a wonderful option if you already know what you want to buy and are only looking for good bargains or an extra warranty (when available).


  • You do not pay a premium for middlemen.
  • You may be eligible for supplementary warranties or other special offers.


  • Limited to what a single manufacturer sells

Local Hardware Stores

Your local hardware store will most likely have a couple of filter pitcher models available as well. You should expect slightly higher costs and a more limited range than you would find online, but at least you can buy anything quickly.


  • You receive your stuff right away.
  • Speak with customer support staff about your alternatives


  • Typically more pricey
  • Slightly restricted selection

Local Water Treatment Experts

Finally, you might visit the store of a local water treatment professional. You won’t have as many options, and they may be more expensive, but you’ll know that each choice on the list has been thoroughly researched.


  • Seek professional assistance from an expert.
  • Each product has been chosen with care.


  • More costly
  • Strictly restricted selection


In general, water filter pitchers are not particularly expensive. Between $20 and $100 is the typical price range.

But you also need to consider long term maintenance costs. One model might seem cheaper than the others upfront, but the annual maintenance costs could bring it closer to the competition.

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