Whirlpool WHES33 33,000-Grain Water Softener Review 2023

Author: Rory Mullan - Published: 2021/07/09 - Updated: 2023/01/05

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This product review features the Whirlpool WHES33 33,000-grain water softener.

Whirlpool is one of the leading names when talking about major home appliances. But, it comes as news to many that Whirlpool also manufactures water softeners, including the WHES33.

With demand-initiated regeneration, the Whirlpool 33,000-grain water softener protects your plumbing and water-based appliances, and at the same time, saves your money and resources, ultimately protecting you and your house from hard water damage.

In addition, the unit is highly efficient and eco-friendly conserving energy and salt. How does the system do all this and more? Find out here as we outline the features, pros and cons of the appliance.

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Whirlpool 33,000-Grain Water Softener Review – Main Specs

Whirlpool WHES33 33,000-grain water softener


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  • For tap water and well water
  • Water softener type: Salt
  • Grain capacity: 33,000
  • Flow rate: 8 gallons per minute (1-3 bathrooms)
  • Resin and brine tank size: 43” x 18” x 19”, 175 lbs salt storage capacity
  • Minimum required water pressure: 20 psi
  • NSF: 44


At the beginning of our Whirlpool WHES33 review, a few highlights:

Any Hard Water Level

The Whirlpool WHES33 33,000-grain water softener can handle any hard water level – literally.


Brine and resin tank are combined in a single unit for compactness.

Iron Removal

The system does not only soften your water, it also removes ferrous iron up to 9 ppm – ideal for well water.

Regenerating as Required

The water softener learns your daily water usage patterns and forecasts future demand to regenerate as required. You save on resources – salt, water, energy.

DIY Installation

Everything you need for DIY installation is included in the package. Also, the install steps are easy to follow.


  • The Whirlpool WHES33 is fairly compact for a whole house water softener measuring 43″x18″x19″. Thus, it can fit in easily even if you are short on space.
  • It has been designed to remove up to 105 grains per gallon hardness from your city or well water. Hence, it is an ideal pick for an average-sized family struggling with very hard water.
  • The unit may look small, but it packs quite a few smart features. For example, not only does the unit soften your water (yes, that is what it’s supposed to do), but it also removes up to 9 ppm per gallon of iron content.
  • With a unique 6th sense technology, the water softener is able to forecast your daily water usage and regenerate as required. As a result, you save on energy, water and salt. Quite a win!
  • Not to mention, the appliance is eco-friendly as it saves precious resources.
  • We love that the system monitor signals a flashing light as soon as the brine tank needs a salt refill.
  • Equally important is the fact that the unit has received NSF certifications to ensure performance and stability.
  • Not only that, you receive a full one-year warranty on all parts and maintenance. You may extend said warranty up to five years by ordering Whirlpool cleansers on a regular basis and registering your system with the company. The electronic control board comes with a 3-year limited warranty. Salt storage tank and fiberglass mineral tank are warranted for 10 years (limited).
  • A complete installation kit and straightforward setup make system installation quick and hassle-free.
  • The WHES33 is designed, manufactured and assembled in the US to ensure optimum quality standards that live up to the company’s name.


There is an evident reason why the unit was voted as BEST BUY by a leading consumer magazine.

We are yet to hear of any serious complaints other than the occasional leaks. The only con worth mentioning is a few customers complained about irresponsible shipping that takes a toll on the equipment, aka broken parts.

If Whirlpool can fix that, we would have nothing to grieve about.


If we say installation is a piece of cake, that would be quite an exaggeration. Nevertheless, you don’t need to hire a licensed plumber for the job as long as you are comfortable cutting and fixing a few pipelines.

Not only that, the installation kit and manual are comprehensive enough to guide you at every step. Still, need help? Dial-up the helpline at Whirlpool and speak to specialists that are there to look out for you.

Most people managed to set up the system in an hour. Similarly, those who were only replacing their old system had it sorted out sooner.

Like all water softeners, deciding the place for the unit is the first step for installation. Here is what you must keep in mind.

  • Place it near the point where water enters your home (unless you don’t want to soften water all over the house!).
  • Make sure the ground is level, and there is a floor drain nearby.
  • Protect the unit from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.
  • A 110V electrical outlet near the unit is essential.

Keep a few basic tools handy, and you can begin installing the unit.

  1. Start by shutting off the main water supply as well as the water heater.
  2. Next, open taps around the house to flush out the remaining water and air pressure in the pipelines.
  3. If replacing an old water softener, remove the old system by using as little plumbing as possible.
  4. Next, place your unit where desired. A word of caution: It’s not a one-person job to lift and move the unit, so it’s better to ask for help.
  5. Then, connect the grommet and the rubber elbow at the back of the brine tank.
  6. Now, it’s time to fix the bypass valve. Simply insert the bypass valve in the unit and press until it clicks in place. Secure with provided clips.
  7. Onto the main task: Following the markings ‘in’ and ‘out,’ carefully connect the incoming and outgoing water lines to the resin tank. Do not over-tighten.
  8. Once the supply is established, move on to the drain pipe.
  9. Connect the drain line tubing from the back of the unit to the floor drain securely. Secure with provided clamps.
  10. In the same fashion, connect the brine tank overflow pipe from behind the unit and into the drain nearby.
  11. Once assembling is complete, add 3 gallons of water and salt to the brine tank. Turn on the water supply and allow the unit to flush before usage.


There’s not much to do with the Whirlpool water softener after the first time you program it. Using the water hardness strips, check your water’s quality and subsequently input the amount in the easy-to-use digital controller.

Of course, you need to make sure that the brine tank is always filled and does not run under ⅓ of its salt capacity. The flashing light on the control head signals that salt levels are running low.[1]

What’s Included

Here are the contents included in the package.

  • WHES33 single-tank unit
  • Bypass valve
  • Clips, installation adaptors, and hose clamps (2 each)
  • Drain hose
  • Water hardness test strips
  • Adaptor elbow
  • O-rings
  • Grommet
  • Instruction manual

Whirlpool WHES33 Review – Conclusion & Best For

The Whirlpool WHE33 water softener is a compact, efficient and reasonably priced system that really does a solid job. Not to forget, the good customer service at Whirlpool and 5-year extendable warranty is its crowning glory.

You can feel the difference in your water quality best for making your skin supple after a shower and protecting your fittings from ugly stains. So, although there are better options this one is worth considering if what you mainly want is an economical price.

If you have questions about our Whirlpool 33,000-grain water softener review please leave a comment below!

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