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Whole house well water filtration systems provide clean water to an entire home.
They can be used to protect the health of your family, or your plumbing system and home appliances, or both.

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Learn about whole house (well) water filtration systems.

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The Benefits of Whole House Well Water Filter Systems

A whole house water filter for your well provides you with cleaner and safer-to-drink water that also tastes and smells much better. Plus, the filtered well water reaches every corner of your home and can be used for cooking & drinking, bathing, showering, brushing teeth, washing clothes, and more.

In conclusion, your health benefits manifold:

  • The water you’re directly using will be much cleaner. Common contaminants, naturally occurring or man-made, a well water filtration system can remove include
    • Heavy metals – These may leach into your well water from industrial or commercial sources, or your home’s plumbing. Natural deposits in the ground can also contaminate a well through surface water seepage and groundwater movement.
    • Microorganisms – They most often originate from animal waste as water run-off or human sewage when there’s a leaking underground waste storage tank or septic field.
    • Organic chemicals – Organic chemicals used in agriculture and other sectors end up in private wells through waste disposal, spills and run-offs.
  • Cleaner water used for showering also means improved indoor air quality.
  • Better-tasting water promotes optimal hydration.

Other benefits:

  • Filtering your well water protects your home appliances and entire plumbing system from harm through scaling, clogging and possibly corrosion. Longer service lives with lower maintenance and repair needs reduce costs.
  • Clogged pipes can lead to a drop in water pressure; not when you’ve installed a well water filter system.
  • Cleaner well water equals cleaner dishes and laundry.
  • You can save a lot of money by not buying bottled water any longer. Not to mention the reduced carbon footprint and plastic waste.

Whole House Well Water Filtration System FAQ

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Should you filter your well water?
Yes, you should, at least in most cases. There may be private wells that are free from any harmful contaminants and those dealing damage to a plumbing system and appliances, but that’s rare. If you want our professional advice, have your water tested and decide whether to purchase a well water filter or not based on your findings.

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How much is a whole house well water filtration system?
The price for a whole house well water filtration system depends on its type. There are basic sediment filters available for less than $100. Powerful and complex setups with multiple filter stages designed to remove different types of contaminants like metals, perfluorinated chemicals and bacteria are much more costly. $1000-1500 is probably a good starting point.

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How much does it cost to install a well water filtration system?
If you’re handy with tools and have the necessary time and equipment, you can install a well water filter system yourself for free. A plumber or a different installer will probably charge $300-1000 or more.

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What is the ideal way to filter well water?
The ideal way to filter well water depends on its quality. Therefore, testing your water supply is the only way to make an informed decision. What you need to remember is that there are all kinds of whole house water filters for wells, and they’re all for different water conditions. For example, if your water has high iron concentrations you need a backwashing filter based on greensand or similar filter media.

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How do you size a whole house filter for well water?
If you want to size any whole house filter system correctly, you need to know your peak water flow rate which is the amount of water people in your household are using at the same time. Times of peak consumption are usually in the morning on regular week days when everyone is getting ready for school or work.

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How many gallons per minute do I need for a whole house well water filter?
For 1-3 bathrooms you should calculate with about 9 gpm. For a home with 4-6 baths you need around 12 gallons per minute. If your house is even larger don’t go below 17 gpm to avoid pressure drops.

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